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Motorola M142 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Neo Studios "Karmalicious"164 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Mitsubishi Outlander205 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Nissan Altima151 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Newport Non-Menthol cigarettes181 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Rogers ad for Hello! Canada magazine126 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Usher for the Buy Life campaign111 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Crest toothpaste105 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Dermadoctor pore reducing medication103 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Gravol anti-nausea medicationn107 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Greater Than AIDS campaign105 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Hydrasense medication115 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Nyquil medication112 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Restoralax medication112 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Savasa "Hergonomics" fitness equipment108 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Ashley Greene for Mark cosmetics87 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Biotherm Skin-ergetic89 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Evangeline Lilly for L'Oreal shampoo97 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Fashion Fair cosmetics88 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Jessica Alba for Revlon92 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Lucky Brand jeans86 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Nike Lunarglide shoes87 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Shopbop87 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Tiffany watch85 viewsFeb 20, 2015
Alexia food107 viewsFeb 20, 2015
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February 20, 2015: 71 scans from the Summer 2010 issue of Z!nk Canada added, as well as 32 miscellaneous advertisements.

August 3, 2010: 18 scans from the Summer 2010 Z!nk Canada are now up. Many more to come!

July 10, 2010: I've added scans from the Spring 2009 Joe catalogue.

July 4, 2010: I've added over 60 new advertisements, all of which are in the fashion/cosmetics sub-category.

July 2, 2010: New scans are in the editorials section, from the May issue of Flare (CA) and the August 2008 issue of Marie Claire (US). Lots of ads are in the works and will hopefully be up tomorrow!

February 26, 2010: I've added well over 100 scans in the past 48 hours. Among them you'll find some editorials from September issues of Vogue (US) and Elle (CA), plus lots of advertisements. The gallery is now available to the public as well, so those with logins can leave comments and such, but those without logins can still see the gallery. Enjoy!

December 15, 2009: Added 5 scans from the December issue of Flare (CA), featuring singer Lady Gaga. I've also added a new section called "Original Stock Photos" and added the first two albums (winter- and summer-themed scenery).

October 16, 2009: Added 18 scans from the September issue of Vogue (US), from an article on Charlize Theron and and editorial of Natalia Vodianova playing Little Red Riding Hood.

October 6, 2009: New layout is now up, with what I hope is a more user-friendly organization. Enjoy!

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